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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Latest review of my vampire novelette "Desert Flower"

Nate Burleigh, author of "Sustenance" reviews "Desert Flower" in Snakebite Horror:

Tom Olbert's Novella “Desert Flower” brings two worlds together in an epic supernatural tale of lost virtue, friendship, love, and blood. 

Thirteen year old Ruhee is ripped from her home, sold to the highest bidder as a wife to be beaten and taken advantage of at will. Whilst being attacked, her husband is torn apart by a dark creature. When Ruhee wakes up she's being cared for by a girl not much older than herself, the vampire Fleurette. The two go on an epic adventure of horror, intrigue, and Romance as Fleurette keeps her secret from Ruhee. 

Set in the Middle East, Olbert's vision of a lone vampire comes to fruition in fantastic detail as he takes us into a world many of us have only seen on television or in the movies. Intimate detail is given of Taliban activity and the horrors of war. In the midst of this is an eclectic tale fraught with terror.

There were two issues I had with this very well written novella. The first is that it should be a full length novel; which in its self is not a bad thing. The second is the forecasting time lines at the beginning of each chapter. Personally, I would do without these and incorporate the time changes into the body of the work. Otherwise the prose were smooth and I think the novel may strike a cord with vampire lovers world wide. Giving this a shaky 5/5 stars from this reader as length and chapter headings were issues, the pure pros and sheer terror warrant a five.

Nate D. Burleigh
Author of "Sustenance"

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