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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Romance Day - Autumn Leaves Excerpt

Here's a little excerpt from Autumn Leaves for Romance Day. You also might want to check out the cover for Winter Storm, the sequel, coming next February.

The universe was conspiring against them, because it knew. That’s what it was, Callie decided as she tried to get the feeling back into her fingers. They’d gotten numb from the moment she’d opened up Sean’s e-mail and read it.
She asked for your e-mail address. Surely it was okay to give it to her?
No, she directed at her brother. No, damn it, that was not okay. There was no e-mail from her former girlfriend yet, but it was probably a matter of time. The thought was enough to make Callie feel sick. She’d never wanted to talk to Nicole again. Maybe she should have told Sean more details after all, he wouldn’t be so foolish to try and make her come back to New York every time they met.
“Is something wrong?” Rebecca asked.
“Would it be okay if I had a little meltdown of my own?” Damn you, Nicole, and Sean too. She’d barely gotten solid ground back under her feet. Just the prospect of hearing from Nicole brought if all back up, the fights, the fear of the unspeakable, until it happened.
“It’s just my stupid brother giving my e-mail address to the last person in the world I’d want to have it.”
Rebecca waited, patiently, while Callie wondered how much to tell her. It wasn’t fair. If Rebecca had ever been looking for a good reason to step away from where they were heading, this would be it. Maybe she deserved it for wanting what she couldn’t have, the affection of a married woman.
“It’s my ex,” Callie finally said. “She’s bad news.”

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