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Friday, November 9, 2012

Magical Redemption - Book Trailer!

Like your paranormal a little quirky, exciting, filled with amazing beasts from myth?

Check out the new book trailer for "Magical Redemption", released 7th November!

"How did a woman as good as you, ever get stuck with a devil like me?"

When Jinx finds herself the Genie of the coldly handsome Lucian, she knows she's in for a rough time.

Lucian is being hunted by the Magical Mafia, otherwise known as the "Family". Years ago, he pledged himself to serve but in a moment of weakness betrayed them. Now, unable to love or live freely, Lucian finds himself falling for Jinx, but knows a future between them is impossible. As they hide from incredible and malevolent magical beings, they search for a way to be together, before fate and the Family separate them forever.

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