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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Here are some excerpts from my upcoming book:  The Devil is Real as Light Reveals

     John scanned the night with his black eyes, even blacker than the night.  He was ready for the kill.  He had lost his thrill of the kill but he was programmed to the kill and he knew of nothing but the kill.  He was proud of the fact that he could kill so ruthlessly and so expertly.  His heart had stopped caring long ago even though he was a very young man, only 17, he felt old.  The sin of his brutal acts lay heavy on his soul. Sulfur was in his nostrils and the Devil his master.

      His instincts were all he had left.  He was like a dead man walking but not feeling, breathing, not living. There was iron beneath his clothes-hot, resilient—male, ready for any action, any deed. But there was no heart, no empathy, no love for anyone and especially not for himself.

Her heart was spitting about in her chest as her mind tried to grasp and hold to the truth of things.  She wondered why people always assume the Devil is a fairy tale.  Something told by people to frighten children.  She knew the devil real and Hell is a place you don’t want to go.
     Rachael wondered, if you are not blinded by the world and people already headed to that dreaded place, then all could see it, all would know it, and earnestly seek God; if it is not too late for them. Because once they know the devil and hell are real, and they know they are headed in the wrong direction. Surly they would try to amend their ways.  Most people did, did  they not?

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