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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unholy Alliance by Tom Olbert

Chris is a 16-year-old boy whose life is an endless war against the living dead.  Orphaned at the age of 5 when his family was slaughtered by vampires, Chris was "adopted" by the vampire hunters who rescued him, and raised as one of their own.  A child soldier driven by hatred and revenge, he has known only battle and killing.  His life changes dramatically when, one night, on a routine hunt, he chances to meet Sara, a "teenaged" vampire girl who touches his heart in a way no one ever had before.  Their love is an impossible one, and the alliance of necessity that forms between them equally so.  They find themselves pitted against dark forces that would exploit or destroy the innocent.  The odds are against them, but Chris's greatest battle is within his own soul.  He must choose between his love for Sara, and his faith in a greater good...


The girl’s scream cut deep to his marrow as she jumped on Kenny’s
back, driving her fangs deep into his throat. Kenny roared in pain as she
clawed out his eyes, his blood splattering. Chris rubbed the side of his
head and tried to sit up as Kenny toppled to the floor with a thud, his
legs twitching, the girl on top of him, tearing wildly at his throat. “Get
off him, you bitch!” Danny raised his wooden spear. He didn’t make it
two steps towards the girl. Chris grabbed the switchblade from Pete’s
limp hand and lunged forward on his knees, plunging the knife deep
into Danny’s thigh. Danny screamed and swore, pulling the knife out
slowly, tears in his eyes. “Holy Mother of...Chris, you stinking punk,
He didn’t have time to finish. Danny screamed as two more
vamps...a teenaged boy and a girl...flew on his back and tore into him.
Chris winced as Danny’s head was nearly ripped off, his throat torn
apart, blood spurting everywhere. The two vamps growled and ripped
voraciously with their teeth, tearing like ravening wolves mad with
How’d they miss these two? Chris wondered. They must have been
hunting elsewhere in the house, he guessed. They looked up from what
was left of Danny, their faces covered in his blood, their fangs bared,
their eyes shining yellow in the dark. Bryce had regained consciousness
and gotten shakily to his feet, holding his crucifix at arm’s length. The
two vamps hissed hatefully and averted their eyes from the cross,
turning to Chris.
He picked up the blade-end of the broken axe, holding it aloft to
defend himself. The fire was rising in him again. “Stop!” The blue-eyed
girl held up a hand as she looked up from Kenny’s dead body. The other
two vampires seemed to hesitate, looking at their ‘sister’ and trembling
in something between rage and hunger, like two rabid young wolves.
“He saved my life,” she said, looking at Chris and licking Kenny’s blood
from the back of her small hand. He slowly lowered the axe as their eyes

Vampire hunter to vampire helper, Chris gets more than he bargained for in Tom Olbert’s Unholy Alliance.
Chris is a strong and passionate man gets his gangbanger lifestyle turned upside down by a bunch of young vampires. 
Tom Olbert has written a good story filled with dark visuals that are interesting and haunting at the same time.
Well written with endearing characters this story was a fun read.

When Chris was just 5 years old, his parents and sister, Karen, were killed by vampires. A man named Kenny took Chris in. Kenny raised him like his own and taught him how to hunt vampires. Now eleven years later, during a hunt, Kenny is killed and Chris meets Sara, a young vampire. Chris is instantly attracted to Sara, but knows it is wrong for him to feel anything for someone who kills and drinks the blood of humans. Chris and Sara end up teaming up together when they realize they can work together to fight against a common enemy. But can a human vampire hunter truly be happy with someone he has been trained his whole life to battle against?
Though a short story, Unholy Alliance is packed with action. I would have liked to see it written as a longer novel, so I could read more of the story of Chris and Sara. Still, it was quite entertaining, although quite violent as well. A good, easy read for lovers of vampire fiction.

Review by Lisa – 3.5 stars
"Unholy Alliance" is available from Eternal Press.

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