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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mountain Romance by Richard Jones

Romance, danger, betrayal all in a western love story set in the 1880's.

An hour passed and he was roused from his thoughts by the sound of
a key turning in the outer door. Red sat up in time to see Lt. Miller enter
the guardhouse with a smile on his face.
“I apologize, Mr. Holden,” Miller said as he approached the cell door.
“One of the traders called me to stop a gunfight and I assumed the
Red closed his eyes, thinking he might be dreaming. But when he
opened them again, Miller was turning the key in his cell door.
“Your wife explained everything,” Miller told him. “I guess you can’t
fault a man for protecting his woman.”
“My wife?” Red questioned.
Miller stepped aside to reveal Mattie standing behind him.
“The lieutenant was very understanding once I told him what really
happened,” she said.
“But you’re not—”
But Mattie was already rushing into the cell to embrace him. She
pulled his head down and whispered in his ear. “Play along with me or
you’ll rot in here.” Aloud she said: “You were so brave, darling. I was so
worried that other man might actually kill you.”
Mountain Romance
“He would’ve without a second thought,” Miller added. “Logan’s a
bad one and has spent more than one night in this guardhouse.”
“So I’m free to go?” Red asked, still a bit confused.
“You are, Mr. Holden, with our apologies,” Miller replied.
“I hope the sutler’s store is still open,” Red told him. “I didn’t have a
chance to get my supplies.”
“All taken care of, Mr. Holden,” Miller said with a gracious smile.
“When Col. Monroe heard what happened he insisted the army outfit
you for the trail. We even got a saddle for Mrs. Holden and a pack mule
for your gear.”
“Mrs. Holden?”


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