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Monday, September 12, 2011

Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn

To inspire the mind, is to create infinite possibilities...

Auron tossed me into the front passenger’s seat and slammed
the door. I balled my fist up and I screamed at the top of my lungs,
and the windows on his Jag shattered. That is, all except the front
My eyes widened, and I covered my face to the glass. He bent
then to look at me through what was left of the driver’s seat window
frowning. He opened the door, and then looked down at the
seat. He patiently cleaned the glass from his seat, then sat down
and looked at me.
I looked at the front windshield stunned, but it was still in
place. It was cracked, but at least he could still drive with it. He
would definitely have to get it fixed though. He reached in the
glove compartment and retrieved a rubber band. I watched and
cringed as he reached across my body, and I noticed that his eyes
were amber now. He pulled his hair back from his face, binding it
with the rubber band. He sighed again, and then closed the door
on his side.
Without a word, he started the car and pulled out of the space.
He looked at me once, but had yet to say anything to me. When we
reached his home, he got out of the car and told Adin “to take the
motor to the motor shop first thing in the morning”. He looked at
me one last time, then turned and walked into the house without
a word.
I watched him walk down the hall, into his study, and close
the door.
“Well screw you too then!” I said and went back out the door
and walked towards the pound.
I should really go home. I thought as I walked along the path
to the pond. I looked up as I walked and sighed as I saw that it was
a full moon. What was all of this about anyway? I was a human!
Humans can’t shatter car windows with a scream. Humans sure
as hell don’t fucken shoot power from their bodies! Humans don’t
do shit like that right? They also can’t astral project into other
worlds like that either.
“Then I wud assume that ye are no longer as human as ye once
were,” Auron whispered through my mind and I forced him out.

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