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Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Magical Creations" - six line sunday!

In the run-up to release I'm posting a six line sunday - with six lines from my up coming release "Magical Creations".

 ~I hope you enjoy ~

[excerpt may be subject to change] 

“I saw you today,” she said softly with a watery sniff.
“You what?” he asked, a quizzical eyebrow floating high on his brow.
“I had a daydream about you, and, I don’t know... I saw you.”
“What was I doing?” he asked, amusement tugging the edges of his lips up.
“Push ups and sit ups.” Air rushed from her lungs at the memory of his body, hard and pumping.
“And?” he pressed gently.

If you like the sound of "Magical Creations" be sure to check out my debut novel "Magical Gains" which was released in March by Eternal Press

You can find out more about me at my website, or my blog; http://www.magicalgains.blogspot/.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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