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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kid Logan

If you enjoy reading westerns with plenty of action, adventure and betrayal then try Kid Logan. It's currently #13 on Amazon's list of 100 Top Selling westerns. Here's an excerpt to help you decide.

Matt spent the next half hour in the saloon never catching
sight of the outlaw. “Looks like this could take a might longer than
we figured,” he said as he stroked the mustang’s neck. “No point in
both of us being out in this heat so let’s find you a stable.”
They found one in a side street and Matt paid for a full day
with a rubdown and oats for the pony. “See you later, boy,” he said
as he stepped out into the sunlight.
He was about to renew his search when he spotted the outlaw
across the dusty street; but the thief spotted the kid as well and
took off down a dark alley.
The kid sprinted after him quickly closing the gap. Just as it
seemed he might catch up with him, the outlaw darted into the
rear door of a hotel. Matt skidded to a halt outside the door and
slipped the thong from his Colt. Then he threw open the door and
looked inside. There was a long hallway with a stairway at the
end and Matt could hear the sound of boots striking wood as the
outlaw tried to escape.
He’d noticed the hotel had only two stories so the outlaw had
to have a room on the second floor. Silently he crept up the stairs
until he reached the second floor.
He stood at the end of the hall wondering just how to find the
right room when a door suddenly flew open and a man ran out of
the room. Matt palmed his Colt with lightening speed then froze
as he watched the man climb out of the far window and onto the
hotel balcony. He’d finally snapped back to reality and started after
the man when he heard a shot then felt a sharp pain in his left
side. Moments later his shirt was damp with blood.

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