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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kid Logan

He's 17 and doing the work of a man full grown, but no one expected him to volunteer to track three killers alone. Can he even hope to survive? Find the answer in Kid Logan, but first try this excerpt.

The kid awoke suddenly, warned by a whinny from his mustang.
He pushed himself up and struggled to make out an image
standing in waves of heat from the prairie floor. At first he thought
it was a mirage, and then he realized it was an Indian sitting on
a horse. He instinctively went for his gun, but stopped when he
saw no weapons in the Indian’s hands. He shook Jed awake after
studying the ghostly image for a moment to make sure he wasn‘t
seeing things.
“What?” Jed stated, irritated by having his siesta disturbed.
“Look,” the kid whispered as he pointed to the Indian not thirty
feet from where they lay. “Is he an Apache?”
Jed forced himself to a standing position with a good bit of
help from Matt. “If he was, we’d be dead by now,” he replied.
A long pause ensued as Jed studied the Indian. “Doesn’t look
like he’s of a mind to hurt us. Let’s see what he has to say.” He
waved the man into their camp with his arm.
The Indian nodded his agreement then slipped from the back
of his horse and led him toward them. He stopped a few feet away
and uttered something Matt could not understand.
“Navajo,” Jed said flatly. “I don’t know much of their language
so let’s hope he knows some Spanish.” Then he motioned the
Indian to sit and he did. Meanwhile, the big bay he rode eased
into the shade by the other horses.
The kid watched as the two communicated with words, grunts
and hand signals. After several minutes, Jed handed the Indian a
piece of jerky and walked over to sit near him.

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