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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dangerous Seduction

The rules of romance were very strict in medievel England, but love still finds a way in Dangerous Seduction. Try this excerpt.

“I still do not understand, Elizabeth,” William said as he carefully
negotiated each step. “Why would you send someone to the
dungeon who saved your life?”
“My life was not in danger,” Elizabeth corrected. “Besides, I
sent him to the dungeon because of his attitude.”
William gave a deep sigh. “I have told you before, Elizabeth,
you cannot imprison people just because you do not like them. It
is just not right.”
“I did not send him here because I did not like him,” Elizabeth
said. Her father’s questioning seemed to be making her cross. “I
sent him because...because...” She desperately searched for the
right word, but none came to mind.
William looked at his daughter and smiled. This was a side of
her he had never seen. Elizabeth had always been self-assured to
the point of arrogance but now she was flustered by a peasant lad.
Could this be more than mere dislike? Had Elizabeth finally met
a man who did not stand in awe of her beauty? William hastened
down the steps quite anxious to meet the lad who had caused his
daughter to become speechless.
“Good evening, sire,” Galen greeted them with a gracious bow
once they‘d unlocked his cell door. “And m’lady.”
“That is him,” Elizabeth said, her tone fierce. “He is the man
who ridiculed me.”
William suppressed a laugh and turned to Galen. “Did you
ridicule my daughter, lad?” Then with a wink and a smile, he let
Galen know he was an ally not a jailor.

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