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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dangerous Seduction

Elizabeth and Galen are world's apart, but love knows no boundaries. Can they find romance while battling a traitor bent on destroying her family? The answer can be found in Dangerous Seduction, but first try this excerpt.

Reg shook his head. “What he offered in payment is not
enough,” he replied emphatically. “We’re doing all the work. We
caught her and we are going to carry her halfway across the country
to where he wants her delivered. Who is risking the hangman
if we are caught with her? Not him.”
Egan swallowed hard. “Hangman?” He managed a nervous
“Aye, it is the rope for us if the Baron finds out we snatched
his daughter, and there is no telling what evil torture he might
use before he lets us die. Maybe now you will come to my way of
thinking. We deserve more for the risks we take.”
Egan’s nerves rasped raw at the mention of torture. The notion
of hanging greatly disturbed him. “No one said anything about
torture or hanging when we joined in this adventure.” His left eye
began to twitch. “I say we leave her and get back to what we know
best — pilfering the poor and wicked.”
Reg shook his head. “I will see this to the end.” He eyed their
captive with obvious determination. “I will get what is due me or
he will never see the girl.”
Egan was about to reply when a sudden sound startled him
“Pardon me,” the voice said from behind them.
The two men struggled to stand, but in his haste to rise, Egan
tripped over Reg’s foot and they both fell back to the ground with
a thud.

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