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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mountain Romance

It is a romantic western laced with danger, adventure and a bit of lust. Red Holden and Mattie Sharp meet by accident on the lonely prairie and are immediately at odds. Can they ever find true love? Mountain Romance holds the answer and here's an excerpt.

“I’m going to rub down the horses before I saddle them,” Red said.
“Good,” Mattie replied, not looking up from the fire. She waited until
he was out of earshot, then began packing the cooking utensils. The
sound of a rifle shot made her drop one of the pots and she turned
quickly to look for Red. She was shocked to see him lying lifeless in the
“Don’t bother with him,” a familiar voice said from behind her. “I’m
a pretty good shot with this here Winchester and I don’t figure he’ll be
getting up anytime soon.”
Mattie turned to face Jack Logan, the man who’d accosted her at the
fort. “You killed him without even giving him a chance!” she screamed,
tears wetting her cheeks.
“He got his chance at the fort,” Logan told her without remorse. “It’s
not my fault he didn’t take.”
Mattie turned again to look at Red. There was no sign of life in his
body and she had to assume the worse. Red Holden was dead.
Mattie’s first thought was to go to him, but a sadness beyond
anything she had ever known suddenly enveloped her and froze her in
place. Her mourning lasted only a moment as a fierce anger soon
replaced it. In a blind rage, she wheeled toward Logan, ready to attack.
“You murdered him for no reason!”
“I have a reason, ma’am,” Logan replied as he ran an appraising eye
along her body. “The same reason I had when we met at the fort. Now
throw a saddle on that Appaloosa and we’ll hit the trail.”

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