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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kid Logan

It's scheduled for release on 4/7, but here's a little preview.

It was approaching noon of the following day with a warm
breeze blowing from the west when he came upon the outlaws’
camp site. Three men had occupied the site and the few tracks he
found confirmed they were the men he sought. The warmth still
held by their fire indicated they had been in no hurry to leave.
Matt estimated he was no more than two hours behind them and
they were getting careless.
He let the mustang graze as he continued to study the site. It
took only minutes to discover the three outlaws were no longer
traveling together. The tracks from their horses showed two had
continued on the trail south while the third was headed due west.
He was pondering which to follow when he spotted the remnants
of a rag wedged under one of the burnt logs in the fire. The kid
pulled it out and saw what he thought was blood. This, along with
the blood he’d found on the street, could only mean one of them
was nursing a wound.
He paused in his search to consider how this would affect his
plans. There was nothing due south of the camp but open prairie
until you reached the Mexican border. The fact that two rode
south while one turned west could mean the wounded man was
looking for a doctor. In that case, Matt could follow the trail west
and hope to catch the wounded man in a nearby town. First he
scanned the land that surrounded the camp site to set it in his
mind. He wanted to know the position of each cactus, mesa and
arroyo so he could find it again when the time came. The kid knew
he could later use the camp as a starting point when it came time
to pursue the two outlaws riding south.

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