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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dangerous Seduction

Galen rests in the cold, dark dungeon wondering what he did to deserve such foul treatment. Meanwhile, Elizabeth struggles to convince her father what a vile rogue lies imprisoned in the bowels of the castle. Will these two ever find love? They might in Dangerous Seduction. Try this excerpt.

Galen turned away to hide his smile. He had no doubt
Elizabeth’s motives had nothing to do with a tour of the castle nor
her father’s gratitude. It would likely be a foolish act for him to indulge
her, but the chance for adventure overwhelmed his caution.
He put his fate in her hands—however dangerous that might be.
“Very well, m’lady,” he said. “I will accompany you to the
Elizabeth breathed a gentle sigh as he fell in beside her once
again and they started on the final leg of their journey. It wasn’t
long before they reached the castle gate and were surrounded by
the soldiers of the watch.
“It is good to see you, Lady Elizabeth,” the Captain of the guard
said. “You have been gone well past your normal time and your
father has been very worried. The two soldiers who were to guard
you returned more than an hour ago lamenting the fact you had
again eluded them.”
Elizabeth ignored him and pointed down at Galen. “Arrest
Page 9
Dangerous Seduction
him!” she demanded.
Everyone but Galen froze in mute confusion. He instinctively
drew his knife in defense blind to the odds against him.
“Arrest him, I said!” Elizabeth fairly screamed.

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