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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mountain Romance

It's a novella based on a traditional love story set in the Old West. Two people who couldn't be less alike meet on the lonely prairie and sparks soon fly. But love comes slowly and there are other adventures they must face first. Here's an excerpt.

Mattie watched as he slowly approached the horses and whispered to
each as he gently stroked their necks. Then he pulled the bandana from
his neck and soaked it from the canteen. He cleaned the dust from the
nose and mouth of each animal and watered them from his hat. All the
time he kept whispering to the horses as if they were old friends
Mattie shook her head in disbelief. What kind of man was this? He
could be hard as stone when it came to some things and gentle as a lamb
with others. She’d heard her father describe such men. Men to ride the
river with, he’d say. Mattie was only now beginning to understand what
he meant.
Exhaustion was starting to sweep through her body and she closed
her burning eyes against the sun to rest them a bit. What seemed only a
moment later, she felt someone shaking her arm. She opened her eyes to
see Red staring down at her.
“Best we get back on the trail while we still have some daylight left,”
he said.
Mattie struggled to her feet with the help of his strong arm. “I was
just resting my eyes for a minute,” she apologized.
“That was two hours ago, ma’am,” he said flatly.

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