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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kate of Kratos - Completing the trilogy

This is the last paranormal day before my Eleven-Hour Fall trilogy comes to a close. May 7 sees the release of Kate of Kratos, the thrilling final installment in what has become my signature sci-fi series. What began as an imaginative short story about a literal eleven-hour fall through an alien sky, is now a three-novella collection totalling nearly 75,000 words. It's been a long, unpredictable journey for Kate Borrowdale and Jason Remington, survivors of the crashed space vessel Fair Monique, but equally so for me, the author. Released around a year ago, EHF was my very first published story. There have many others since, in a variety of genres, yet each time I've returned to planet Kratos, that same pacing and voice has resumed as naturally as if I'd never left.

Take a look at Book 3: Kate of Kratos

The final installment in Robert Appleton’s sci-fi survival trilogy.

Jason Remington has been abducted by a monstrous new creature. Having barely survived the ocean crossing, Kate Borrowdale must track him through an alien forest and over its awesome, low gravity roof. She finds him alive, but he is not alone. Two men and a woman, also survivors from the Fair Monique's crash, have rescued him and killed the creature. How? Kate senses they're hiding a secret and doesn’t trust them. Things look up when she finds a mountain cave for them all to live in. Procuring food proves tricky, however, as it means venturing back into the heart of the forest, where Kate and Jason find themselves being the real inhabitants.

Epic action, compelling characterizations, and a mounting sense of danger propel the trilogy toward an explosive climax. It’s time to make a stand on Kratos.

A brief excerpt:

Basking for a moment in the warm sunlight, she placed her free hand over her chest to still the heavy throb inside. The pursuit had now lasted half a day—a marathon in itself under normal circumstances, but to Kate, on Kratos, merely the latest leg in what had become a punishing pentathlon. Hiking for minerals in the snowy mountain peaks; skydiving for dear life, in tandem with Jason, for eleven gruelling hours; traversing a desert; sailing across an un-crossable ocean; and now this, a grim chase through woodland straight out of a Gothic nightmare: her survival had been nothing if not varied.

But as her heartbeat softened, the thought of being alone spring-loaded and shot her aloft.

Out onto…a wonderland.

The forest roof rippled and groaned as a stiff breeze swept across it. Translucent, skin-like membrane, a giant sheath, heaved and settled in segments, as though it was the fallen canopy of a circus Big Top. Gashes in the skin here and there gave entry to the wind, which flexed acres in creasing, channelled waves. Kate pulled herself up and looked again. The entire ceiling seemed alive, respiring—an ocean with pulsing veins and gasping airways.

Time’s running out. So how the hell do I track them over this?

Kate of Kratos will be released May 7 in eBook and paperback, at Eternal Press.

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Lisa Logan said...

This was a captivating read I found hard to put down--and I hadn't even read the other two in the series! Best of luck with it.


Robert Appleton said...

Thanks Lisa! I can concentrate on selling it as a trilogy now. Can't wait.

Book 3 is my favourite, though, and I'm really missing planet Kratos...

Like John Carter to Barsoom, it's drawing me back...