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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Ghost Amethyst: A New Kind of Love Triangle

The Ghost Amethyst: Coming in May from Eternal Press!

What happens when a woman loves a man more than life itself, but that man is possessed by the ghost of his ex-wife?

Sexy professor Tom's life is in danger from his undead ex-wife Elaine who sustains her unnatural existence by consuming the blood and sexual fluids of Tom and his lovers. Can Tom's true love, Vi save him with the power of her trust and a special amethyst stone, or will she be Elaine's next victim?

Paranormal suspense author Kennedy Crosbie: "Sherry King is a unique and instantly addictive voice in the world of paranormal fiction. Her characters are fresh and well developed and her stories are a must read for anyone looking for a fresh point of view."

Sherry King

1 comment:

Lisa Logan said...

This was such a great story! Paranormal erotica fans will definitely enjoy it.