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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sister Margaret Reviews

The reviews for Sister Margaret are starting to come in, and they are all good! Whoot!

Sister Margaret is my short story about a vampire hunter and a half-incubus swordsman who are hired to take care of an undead pimp. I love this story and so it's wonderful to see that the reviewers do too :)

This story is a reprint, which means I have older reviews to share as well as the brand new one I got yesterday. First, the older reviews.

From Amber Stults ( )
"Parrish sets her work above normal fantasy through her vivid imagery…It's the imagery that makes this world and its inhabitants come alive for the reader… I've read this story several times and still find clues I missed on prior readings as to how the story would end." (Five Stars)

For some time Sister Margaret was available on Anthology Builder, one of the reviews there by Arnold Emmanuelle was as follows:
"The best thing about this story is reading it the second time. The characters are familiar, but the author still delivers a good story with a good punch. The story is well crafted and the words she chooses to use aren't just there to take up space…An action-packed, gritty, well crafted story! What more could you ask for?" (Five Stars)

I was also blessed with a short review by Peter Tennant of Web Whisperin' where he said:
"…a gritty fantasy tale of cross and double cross, as an assassin for hire is set on the tale of a vampire pimp by a priestess of an otherworldly god. It’s a romp of a story, entertaining and well told, keeping the reader off balance to the end."

As you can imagine, all three of those reviews made me go *squee* :)

It is my honor and pleasure to announce that the most recent review, by Puss Reboots was also flattering. She said, in part:
"The vampires therefore are just one of many different species living in the city and are not presented as the mysterious lust-worthy nobility with a dark side as they so often are these days. Instead, they are desperate creatures who are superstitious and from the hunter's point of view, predictable but dangerous"

That means a lot to me because I didn't want my vampires in this story to be romantic or sexy.

So yay!

You can read her entire review >> here <<

Sister Margaret will be released on April 7th and I will make a special announcement that day on my newsletter so sign up today if you want a reminder when release day rolls around :) I will also be giving away a free copy of the story to one lucky newsletter subscriber on that day -- it could be you.

Rhonda Parrish

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