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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feverish Fun From The Duchess

It's fever day at the EP blog again, and you know what that means. Yeup, it's time for me to share another sizzling excerpt from one of my books. I'd love to make it something from The Return of the Horny Dead, but since it's a shorter work there is less I can share without giving it all away. Thus, today I'm going with The Duchess again.

This is by no means a bad thing. I think you'll like this teaser :)

Before this scene the duchess has brought two of her maids up to her room and had one (Laurana) use candle wax and ripped up pieces of fabric to rid the other (Elizabeth) of all her pubic hair. After that has been completed, the duchess isn't quite finished with her playthings, as you'll see below.

Enjoy...but only if you are over 18 and not easily offended.


Standing in front of the seated duchess, her legs trembled with relief that her ordeal was over, butterflies danced in her stomach at the sensations from her newly bare pussy, and anticipation of her upcoming reward made her take tremulous breaths.

“Yes, ma’am,” Elizabeth whispered, her head bowed in submission.

She felt the duchess’ fingers stroke the skin of her labia and moaned. Her knees went weak, and she stumbled a bit before righting herself. Her mistress’ fingers were cool, almost cold, and the contrast of that to her hot flesh was both soothing and erotic. As the duchess stroked her slowly, taking her time and letting her fingertips move across all of her skin, seeking out each nook and cranny and making sure that not a single hair was missed, Elizabeth felt her clit begin to throb, her pussy to grow wet. Looking down into the face of her mistress, her breath was momentarily knocked from her lungs when she met the duchess’ own hungry eyes.

“Mmm….very nice…” she cooed, letting her long fingers slip now between the lips of her slave girl’s pussy, coating themselves in her juices. They were slick in a heartbeat, which only served to make them skim across her skin even more easily. “Very nice…”

Elizabeth trembled upon her fingers, and the duchess knew that she could get the girl off with minimal effort. All she needed to do, really, was rub her clit, now swollen and standing up, begging for attention, and she would turn into a puddle at her feet. That wasn’t her intention, however; in order to really enjoy the game, the duchess had found that one must stretch it out as long as possible.

Making sure that both Elizabeth and Laurana were watching, the duchess lifted her fingers, sticky and wet with Elizabeth’s pussy juice, to her mouth and wrapped her tongue around them. She made a show of pulling them into her mouth and sucking them clean. Poor Elizabeth moaned aloud and wavered on her feet once more, no doubt imagining her mistress licking those juices straight from the source. Laurana blushed and crossed her legs tighter, imagining the exact same thing.

“Now, “the duchess spoke slowly, waiting a long moment before continuing, “I think its Elizabeth’s turn to do you, Laurana.”

“But…but I haven’t any hair down there, ma’am,” Laurana stuttered in confusion.

“Who said anything about hair?” The duchess laughed, tearing her gaze away from Laurana for just long enough to look up and see the joy light Elizabeth’s eyes. “I want you two to fuck one another while I watch and so”—she paused, relishing the look of discomfort on Laurana’s face—“you will fuck one another while I watch.” She concluded with a smile.

Rhonda Lee

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