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Monday, May 19, 2008

new review of my story collection, "Obsession"

I really hope I'm posting this accurately, on the right day!

A reviewer named "Frost's Fancy"

(who blogs here:

posted the following review of my collection of fourteen stories, Obsession (from EP of course)
on the site "Rainbow Reviews," edited by J.M. Snyder. This site is devoted to reviews of material in which major characters are gay-male, lesbian, biseuxal or transgendered.

Happy Victoria Day to all fellow-Canadians (and happy Monday - if possible - to everyone else!)

- Jean Roberta

14 stories of literary erotica spanning the genre and sexual orientation gamut. Obsession is the theme of these erotic tales in a range of spicy flavors. Meet men who desire women, women who risk everything for men, women driven to ecstasy by a female touch, young men drawn to the power of older men who cherish their "boys," couples who enjoy intimate games with their friends, ordinary humans seduced by the magical tricksters of myth and folklore.

Running the gamut of sexual orientations and the continuum of paranormal, Obsession offers something for everyone: historical, contemporary, mythical, folklore, horror, and fantasy. Gay, Lesbian, Bi, and Transgendered characters sport across the pages. 14 stories are sure to entice any reader’s attention.

Not the routine fairy tale nor sweet romance, these stories embody realistic characters in a variety of orientations and situations, whose underlying constant theme is “obsession,” that consuming drive and desire, no matter what the focus. The characters are well-developed and character evolution is often intense. The plots are just twisty enough to showcase the strong erotic nature of each entry.

Heavily erotic, yet literary, Obsession tangles with the dark side of human (and inhuman) relationships and eroticism. BDSM and generational erotica, human/nonhuman mating, and more “realistic” stories also compete to snare the reader’s attention, and sizzle quotient. These are definitely NOT read while in the doctor’s waiting room or standing in line at the ATM stories.


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