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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good morning to you all from here in the UK!!!

Spring has arrived over here, the sun's shining and it's nearly the end of the working week, so let's celebrate!! LOL

I'm here to blog on Anthology Day about my M/M erotica anthology, Masquerade.
It's available :

MASQUERADE by Clare London

Four explicit, seductive tales to entertain and enthrall!

In BONDED, Chancellor Chariz imprisons a young man with strange ways and a shocking power. Chariz seeks only sexual entertainment, but Oriel offers something in return that will transform his captor for ever.
In TRICKERY, two young servants are brave adventurers on their Prince’s Quest, but when it’s hijacked by a lusty Magician, they are dragged into a murky and magically sexy mess!
In POSSESSION, Lucas is the young and passionate heir to the Fides Auction House. When charismatic Gideon Arnaud intrudes into his life, pursuing him both professionally and personally, Lucas struggles to keep both his freedom and sanity.
In THREADBARE, Edward takes a young mill worker under his protection, and is drawn into a web of beauty and mystery. What price will he pay for the delight and passion that Mori brings him?

I've had some great reviews so far:
Uniquely Pleasurable

And there are several excerpts on my website - in the meantime, here's one to keep you going!

(NB rated NC17, it's fairly difficult to find one that isn't *lol*)

At midnight, I woke suddenly to find my guest out of bed and in my own room. There was only a single candle alight on my bedside table, sweeping large and mysterious shadows around anything that moved. Mori stood at the foot of my bed, barefoot and with the hem of my ridiculously large shirt hanging down below his hips, clutching his tapestry against his chest. I had brought it to my room to examine it further before I retired for the night. Did he think I’d intended to steal it from him?
I sat up in bed slowly, my heart thudding hard with the shock, but I was conscious of not scaring him. “It’s safe with me,” I said. “Go back to your bed, Mori.”
But he didn’t move away. He no longer seemed like a nervous, skittish animal. He stood calmly and gazed back at me. “I want to come to your bed,” he said, softly. “I want to be safe with you, too.”
I didn't know what to do. Is that so shameful, considering my more mature age and my presumed wisdom? But I couldn’t answer him; couldn’t move either to encourage or dismiss him. Instead, I watched him lift the coverlet and slip into bed beside me, and I thought I'd cease breathing from the excitement and the fear. He pressed against me as if to meld our bodies together, and I could feel his heart beating under his narrow ribcage. His hand ran down my back and I arched against it. He kissed gently at my jaw, his lips very moist and sticky with his warm, eager breath.
"Mori..." I gasped. "You don't have to."
"I do," he sighed back. "It will make you happy. And it will make me happy."
He’d been obedient and grateful since I brought him home, and for a horrifying moment I thought he might be offering this purely as an obligatory part of his employment. If I were honest, I knew there were plenty of other factory owners who used their employees in such ways, both male and female. But Mori was old enough to understand this, and I'd also given him the chance to refuse without giving me offence. Hadn’t I? He seemed genuine in his desire to be beside me.
He knelt up, his hands stroking underneath my nightshirt, lifting it up over my head. I undressed him in the same way, though my hands were trembling. His eyes glinted in the shadowy dark, gazing at me. His body was smooth and slim, and his skin almost translucent. He was astonishingly beautiful. He kissed my shoulder and he whispered against me, and when he nudged my knees apart with gentle hands and dipped his head down, I felt the wet trail of his saliva along my inner thigh.
I held my breath, hardly daring to hope, and yet so very confused as to what I was hoping for.
His lips slid down over my half-erect cock, taking me into his mouth, hesitantly at first and then more boldly. He licked me, savoring me, and all I could do was listen helplessly to the soft, sucking sounds that came from between my paralyzed legs. I felt myself swell in his mouth; felt heat in my groin that consumed me. When I came, I cried out shamelessly, for I'd never known anything like it! I think I gripped his hair too tightly, but he didn't protest. For several minutes he still licked at me, drinking me, caressing me. It was as if he cleaned me of the astonishing burst of hot, thick seed that had been festering inside me for far too long.
And when he lifted his young head up to mine again, I saw his lips glistening and the pleasure in his half-lidded, smiling eyes.

Clare London, author
Excite... Enthrall... Enjoy

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